Getting Started With Blobbackup

February 10, 2022 by Bimba Shrestha

What is Blobbackup?

Blobbackup is a tool for backing up your computer. For $12 / month, Blobbackup will backup all user-created data on your Mac or Windows device. (Please note that there is a 2,000 GB limit per computer; we’ve found that this limit is well above what most people need).

Blobbackup creates a mirror clone of the current state of your computer every hour (we call this a snapshot). Snapshots are kept for a year. This means that you can recover deleted files or old versions of files going back as far as 1 year.

How Do I Start Backing Up?

After signing up for an account with us, you’ll have to download and install Blobbackup on your computer. You can follow our operating system specific guides here: Mac, Windows. (Please note that Blobbackup has not been code signed yet on Windows so you might see pop up warnings when installing or running the app).

By default, Blobbackup will backup all user-created data on your computer after installation. If you want to change what gets backed up, you can do so from the app Settings.

How Do I Restore My Data?

Your data can be restored directly from the Blobbackup app. If you’re trying to restore data to a new or formatted computer, you’ll have to first install Blobbackup. You can follow the restore instructions here for details (requires signing in).

Because Blobbackup is end to end encrypted with your account password, restores are only possible through the app. We don’t offer restores from the website or via physical hard drive shipment.

How Do I Transfer My Service to Another Computer?

To transfer service from computer A to computer B, first, restore files from computer A to computer B (using Blobbackup; or other means if computer A hasn’t been compromised). Then install Blobbackup on computer B and start a fresh backup. Finally, delete computer A from your account dashboard so that we don’t bill you for it.

(Please note that doing this will not preserve computer A’s backup history; we’re currently working on making backup histories transferable too).

How Can I Trust Blobbackup With My Data?

We’ve done a few things to make us more trustable: 1) we’re an open source company; all of the code behind our software is available to the public for analysis and audit, 2) we’re end to end encrypted; we encrypt all computer data with your password so we couldn’t see your data even if we wanted to and 3) we’re simple; we don’t provide unnecessary features or complicated services (we backup your computer securely and that’s it).

If you have more questions, we’d be happy to answer them.