Simple Backups to Any Storage

Stay protected and in control. Securely and efficiently backup your computer, external drive or NAS to storage you own. Supports Windows, Mac, Linux and all major storage options.


BlobBackup is free and open source.

Features at a Glance

Make data protection painless. See full documentation.

End to End Encryption

Your data is encrypted with a password you choose before it leaves your computer and it stays encrypted until you need to restore.

File History

Previous versions of your files are kept for as long as you need so your data is always safe from corruption and ransomware attacks.

Efficient Data Format

BlobBackup uses block level de-duplication and compression to ensure your backups use as little storage space as possible.

Data Control

All your backups go to a storage location that you own. BlobBackup integrates with all major cloud providers and never saves any personal data on our servers.


BlobBackup uses multi-threaded uploads/downloads and high speed data compression so everything happens as fast as your network allows.

Extensive Storage Support

Backups to Local Drive, NAS, Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Wasabi, Backblaze B2, S3 Compatible Storages and SFTP are currently supported.

Free Download

BlobBackup is completely free and open source!


amd64 | Don't see what you need? Compile a custom binary from our Github.