Simple Feature Set

Just what you need and nothing more.

Secure Offsite Cloud

Data is stored in datacenters with 24/7 staff, biometric security and redundant power.

Private by Design

Everything is encrypted with your password and we never store or transmit your password.

Fully Open Source

All code is available for analysis, audit and review. There are no tricks under our sleeves.

Easy and Simple

Sign up for an account and start backing up your computer within a few minutes.

Smart and Automatic

Backups happen seamlessly in the background without hogging your computer's resources.

Blazing Fast Restores

Restore from our app as fast as your internet allows. No download limits or wait times.

Extended File History

Old versions of files and deleted files are kept on our secure cloud for as long as you need.

Simple Monitoring

Get notified via email when your computer hasn't been backed up for over 2 weeks.

Full Backups

Protect all your files including documents, photos, music, movies and more.

$12 / Month / Computer

Start protecting your computer data today.

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